“We’re delayed due to air traffic control,” are words no air traveler wants to hear from the cockpit or their gate agent. 

Yet, absent Congress and the Trump Administration setting the stage for effective completion of America’s air traffic control system, travelers should be prepared to hear those words more and more often.

For the past five years, Travelers United has been the sole consumer group pushing for more rapid completion of NextGen, air traffic control modernization (ATC). These NextGen technologies, already identified by the FAA, will save not only billions of dollars for the American public, but will make better use of our aviation infrastructure, enhance safety, improve pilot awareness, conserve fuel and save time.

Two major issues have stood in the way of a speed-up of ATC modernization – an FAA focused on regulation rather than a mission of improvement and a funding system that thwarts long-term planning and contracting. Without goal-focused leadership and a dependable funding stream, our country will find itself using outdated technology for the next decade and a half at the very least.

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