A new group is seeking to push for reform and modernization to the nation’s air traffic control systems.

On Wednesday, a group of lawmakers and government, transportation, and local leaders announced the formation of “Missouri Citizens for On Time Flights”, a group supported by over 5,500 Missourians who have signed petitions in support of the air traffic control modernization. Their goal is to encourage Congress to take a look at modernizing the system, which they say is in much need of reform.

“Our air traffic control system is at a breaking point and it is directly responsible for nearly 50 percent of all flight delays in the United States,” coalition Co-chair and Missouri Senate Transportation Chair Dave Schatz said. “I am proud to support President Trump’s effort to modernize our air traffic control system to allow more efficient routing and more opportunities for airlines to serve Missouri’s rural communities.”

“Our air traffic control system is a critical part of our nation’s economy yet it is still operating with paper strips and the same ground-based system that is has used since World War II,” House Majority Leader Mike Cierpiot, the former Chairman of the Transportation Funding and Public Institutions Committee and Co-Chair of Missouri Citizens for On Time Flight, said. “It is time to modernize our system by moving it away from the federal bureaucracy and into an independent, not-for-profit corporation to help bring the system into the twenty-first century.”

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