While weather can play a part in delaying a flight, Maine Citizens for On Time Flights says outdated air traffic control systems can be to blame.

Chances are, you've experienced a delayed flight before. According to an Air Travel Consumer Report, only 78% of flights nationwide arrived on time in April 2017.

"A significant number of delays that people experience are a result of the current manual air traffic control system," said Mike Willey, a pilot for over 50 years.

The Maine Citizens for On Time Flights hopes to change that.

"The air traffic control system in America is completely safe, but they're using technology from World War II," said Cara McCormick, a spokesperson for Maine Citizens for On Time Flights.

The group says the current air traffic control system, which operates manually and from the ground, needs to be updated.

"It's time to use GPS technology and upgrade our air traffic control systems so that we have a system that is fit for the 21st Century," said McCormick.

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